Welcome to our Chennai Grill

Our Vision

Our vision is to remain as the leading restaurant in the bay area by surprising level of customer satisfaction through quality, service, cleanliness and value at affordable price by the development, contribution and commitment from us.

Why South Indian?

The celebrated South Indian Cuisine is a product of many rich influences like the glorious history and culture of its zestful and vigorous land. It has its roots in the southern cooking tradition with each of three dynasty namely – Cheras, Cholas and Pandias who have their own distinctive cooking styles.

Why Chennai Grill

Chennai Grill goes to great lengths in order to maintain the highest standards of authenticity by the choice of ingredients which includes hand picked spices, freshly ground masalas by hand pounded on pestles to provide an earthy flavor, sun dried vegetables as a part of the cooking to makes sure that Chennai Grill food is bona fide Tamilnadu.

Hot menu

Karuvepillai Fish Fry 9.49

Boneless seasonal fish marinated with South Indian spices and curry leaves, deep-fried, garnished with onions and lemon wedges

House Special Grilled Fish 8.49

Seasonal fish marinated with Chef’s special masala and grilled, garnished with onion and lemon wedges

Chicken Sukka 8.49

Tender pieces of chicken grilled with spices, onions and curry leaves, tempered with peppercorns

Chicken Pepper Fry 8.49

Boneless pieces of chicken marinated with spices, grilled with bell pepper, garnished with coriander leaves

Chilli Paneer 7.99

Indian cottage cheese cut into pieces, tossed with onions and bell peppers in spicy chilli sauce

Dindigul Thalappakatti Mutton Biryani 12.99

Speciality mutton biryani from the Dindigulregion of Tamilnadu, made with jeera samba rice

Dindigul Thalappakatti Chicken Biryani 11.99

Speciality chicken biryani from the Dindigul region of Tamilnadu, made with jeera samba rice

Madras Mutton Curry 10.49

Goat pieces marinated with Chef’s special masala, sautéed in oil and simmered in South Indian curry sauce

Goat Pepper Masala 9.99

Goat meat cooked with Chef’s special masala, tempered with freshly ground peppercorns

Varutha Kozhi Curry 8.99

Boneless chicken marinated with South Indian spices, sautéed in oil, simmered in curry sauce

Chicken Chettinad 8.99

Speciality chicken curry from Karaikudi region of Tamilnadu made with 21 spices and condiments

Mutton Kari Dosa 10.49

Crispy crepe made from rice and lentil batter, spread with egg and mutton cooked in spicy masala

Chicken Chettinad Dosa 9.49

Crispy crepe made from rice and lentil batter, spread with chicken cooked in chettinad masala

Madurai Malli Dosa 6.49

Crispy crepe made from rice and lentil batter, spread with Madurai special coriander chutney, served with savory filling of potato masala

Chef’s Recipe

Horse Gram Rasam

Horse Gram Mixture:
Step 1: Dry roast 1 cup of horse gram in a pan for 10 minutes in slow flame and coarse grind the horse gram
Step 2: Boil 3 cups of water and the coarse powder of horse gram and simmer it for 10 mins and keep it aside

Rasam Powder:
Step 3: Grind 1 teaspoon of pepper, 1 teaspoon of cumin seeds, 1 red chili, and 3 garlic pieces to coarse powder

Tamarind Mixture:
Step 4: Soak the small lemon sized tamarind in hot water for 5 mins and prepare the tamarind extract with 250ml of water
Step 5: Smash 2 tomatoes in the tamarind extract and bring it to boil

Step 6: In a pan add 2 teaspoon of oil, 1 red chili, 1 green chili, 1 teaspoon of mustard seeds. When mustard seeds splutters add 2 pieces of hing, 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder, 1 string of curry leaves and add the rasam powder

Step 7: Add the seasoning to the tamarind and tomato mixture

Horse Gram Rasam(Kollu Rasam)
Step 8: Finally add the horse gram mixture to the Rasam